Find out all about Royaslan

An international economic development corporation

Company profile

Royaslan is a Swiss-based company specialising in international economic growth. The company was founded in 2018. We aim to provide a blend of products and services through our partners, covering different areas for the benefit of our clients:

  • Our services: Marketing
  • Our products: Leather goods, solid wooden furniture, packaging, food products, etc.

Our motto is to work with the best for the best.
We’re proud to offer you a high-quality tailor-made service.

Royaslan relies on the know-how and experience of our prestigious partners. We have the right solution, no matter what your request or needs might be.

Royaslan builds relationships between our partners and clients based on trust and transparency. For each project our clients give us, we formulate an initial working agreement based on the task in hand, implement a strategy for development and methods of performance, as well as put in place the financial arrangements.

Royaslan offers an unconditional and dedicated service to our customers through ongoing one-to-one support. Thanks to our expertise, we can meet the very precise needs of all our customers.

Our vision :

Our aim is to be the best in our field.

Our mission :

We contribute to your economic development by offering high-quality services and outstanding products.

Our values :

Our company’s core values are building relationships based on trust, meeting the standards expected by stakeholders in projects and creating added value.

  • Relationships based on trust :
    To achieve your goals and ensure a long-lasting collaboration, trust is at the heart of our collaborations. We set up transparent long-term collaborations in the interests of everyone.
  • Meeting the expectations of our stakeholders :
    We aim to exceed your expectations. Royaslan works to achieve objectives while respecting commitments
  • Creating added value :
    Our goal is to create added value for your business while seeking excellence.

When selecting our partners, we pay great attention to their philosophy, references and dedication.

By promoting active communication with our customers and partners, we can meet the most demanding of needs in terms of products and services.

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